Flower extravaganza

Flower extravaganza

Tens of thousands of flower lovers were able to get acquainted with the novelties of plant breeding

In the last days of August - the first days of September in Moscow it was solemn as never before, because besides the traditional international exhibition Flowers, which has already been held 18 times in the All-Russian Exhibition Center, two more international exhibitions were held almost simultaneously with it: Flowers Expo Expo Flora Russia.

The International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Equipment and Materials for Ornamental Gardening and Flower Business "Flowers" has once again confirmed its status as the largest exhibition of this topic held in Russia: in 2011, about 500 companies from 22 countries took part in it as exhibitors. the world (Australia, Austria, Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy, Colombia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, France, Ecuador and others).

For the first time it was held in the newest and most modern pavilion №75. The exhibition included the eighth championship of Russia in professional floristry, the conference "Development of Russian floriculture: state and prospects", a series of special events "Day of Russian nurseries", as well as numerous round tables, seminars, master classes, shows, presentations.

This exhibition is annually visited by about 50 thousand people, 40 thousand of whom are specialists. Several years ago, due to the large influx of ordinary visitors, the organizers were forced to reduce the number of days of the exhibition to four, and in the first days only specialists were allowed to attend.

This year, a surprise awaited all visitors: an exposition of aquatic and coastal plants with murmuring water cascades was arranged right under the roof of the pavilion. As always, the exhibition was characterized by a wide variety of exhibitors in terms of the nature of the goods and services they offered. The stands were grouped into the following thematic sections: nurseries; cut flowers and potted plants; vases, pots, pottery; floristry, dried flowers, artificial flowers and plants; education, training, special literature and books; soil, fertilizers, protective equipment; seeds; reclamation; small architectural forms; greenhouses and equipment for them.

Within the framework of the first international exhibition of flowers, plants, equipment and technologies for floriculture and landscape design "Flowers Expo", which took place within the walls of the international exhibition center "Crocus Expo", various events were also organized: the first open championship of Russia among floristic schools, conferences, seminars , presentations, master classes, shows, etc. The exhibition was attended by over 300 companies from 25 countries (Austria, England, Belarus, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, China, Colombia, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Ecuador, Ethiopia and others).

The exhibition and presentation stand was of particular interest among the visitors, which demonstrated the novelties of the selection of flower and decorative cut plants: roses, gerberas, alstroemeria, carnations (including the green-flowered variety Green Ball). Despite the debut, the subject matter of goods and services presented at this exhibition was very diverse and almost did not yield to the “Flowers” ​​exhibition.

The international flower trade exhibition Expo Flora Russia, organized by HPP Exhibitions, was held in our country for the second time, however, after a twelve-year break. Under the vaults of the famous Manezh central exhibition hall, located in the immediate vicinity of Red Square and the Kremlin, stands of almost 200 companies from 17 countries were housed, and, unlike the two previous exhibitions, foreigners clearly dominated here. Thematically, all companies presented at the exhibition are focused on the floristic business - flower producers, breeders, suppliers and traders.

For three days "Manezh" turned into a kingdom of roses. And although in addition to them one could find other cut plants here (alstroemeria, bouvardia, carnations, gerberas, gypsophila, calla lilies, lisianthus, orchids, chrysanthemums, etc.), there were undoubtedly the queens of flowers of the most incredible shapes, sizes and colors. ... True, only a few of them enchanted visitors with their aroma.

All three exhibitions have completed their work, but their organizers have already started planning new events. I wonder how they will surprise and delight us next year?

Valentina Antsiferova, Alexey Antsiferov, candidate of agricultural sciences

Sale of seeds and seedlings of Aktobe

Selling a Pump for Water Motor-pump for watering a garden and a summer residence

Aktobe, Kiseleva (Skulkina) 30 March

Rakushnyak, without intermediaries and without a day off! From 700 pcs

Aktobe, Old town Yesterday 10:55

Selling seedlings of high-quality grapes

Aktobe, Zhilgorodok March 29

Sale of seedlings of fruit trees

Aktobe, Zhilgorodok Yesterday 17:37

Rakushnyak, Rakushnyak Rakushnyak



Yes. there is nothing difficult in growing a tomato. On the contrary, the seeds sprout with a bang, they put up with both drought and coolness, almost unkillable. It is necessary to try to ruin the tomato seedlings. And no "dancing" with them is necessary. But then how much joy, satisfaction and a lot of delicious tomatoes both for food and for preparations.

In February, seeds are sown for seedlings like this:
- in the middle of the month - early, if it is possible to plant in the greenhouse at the end of April, or before May 10. Then the first tomato can be eaten in June.
- at the end of the month sow tall (indeterminate).
But this is all provided there is backlight, if it is not, then the sowing is carried out in March, then there is more natural light.

Pedagogical council progress:

(Slide 1) Music hall decorated flowers... On the right side of the screen, there is a table for the hosts. teachers' council - head of preschool educational institution and senior educator, tribune for speakers. Opposite there are chairs in a semicircle. For audio recording "Waltz flowers» P. I. Tchaikovsky educators enter the hall and sit on chairs. In everyone's clothes the teacher has floral motives.

Screen saver - theme teachers' council - «Flower extravaganza».

(Slide 2)Manager: Dear colleagues, I welcome you to final pedagogical council, which will be held in the form of a creative conference. Subject teachers' council - «Flower extravaganza»... Please read the plan of our meeting. (Slide 3)

Plan teachers' council:

1. Outcomes implementation of the annual plan for the 2017/18 academic year (senior educator Borisova N.V.)

2. Results of monitoring the assimilation of the educational program by children and the degree of readiness of children of the preparatory group for school education (Rokina L.G.).

3. Analysis and discussion of open impressions on the topic "What have we learned in a year" (senior educator).

4. Award Ceremony "Children's gardener" for achievements in pedagogical work (head of Islamova R.V.)

5. Main directions (tasks) for the next academic year (senior educator).

6. Approval of the plan for summer wellness work (senior educator Borisova N.V.)

7. Approval of the placement of personnel for the new academic year (Head of Islamova R.V.)

8. Solution development teachers' council (senior educator).

In the 2017/18 academic year, we had four annual objectives. Let's remember them.

Annual tasks for 2017 /18 academic year:

1. To preserve and strengthen the physical and mental health of pupils through the existing system of physical culture and health-improving work in the kindergarten. Realize psychological and pedagogical family support and improve parenting competence (legal representatives) in matters of development and education, protection and promotion of children's health.

2. To intensify work in preschool educational institutions on the intellectual development of preschoolers in the context of innovative technologies.

3. To create optimal conditions for the effective and high-quality implementation of the Program for the formation of social and moral feelings in preschool children in accordance with domestic traditions.

- Use a variety of forms and methods in working with children on social and moral education in the context of the Federal State Educational Standard.

- To carry out the continuity of the kindergarten and family in the social and moral education of children.

4. Develop human resources, taking into account the new requirements for educational qualifications and professional competencies educators (professional, communicative, legal, informational) through the use of active forms of methodological work, course preparation, passing the certification procedure and participation in competitions of professional skills.

Senior educator: First, let's turn to history pedagogy and rememberthat the emergence of kindergartens is associated with the name of the German teacher Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852)... In 1837, he organized the first educational and educational institution for preschool children, which he called a kindergarten (Kindergarten: Kinder - children, garten - garden).This name has two meanings.: Firstly, Froebel was of the opinion that a garden in which children could play and learn about plant life was a necessary part of such a school. Secondly, it symbolically indicates the similarity of children with plants that require skillful and careful care. And the children were taken care of by the Frebelich women (named after Froebel) or kindergarteners - this was the name of our profession from the very beginning. Therefore, today our hall is so festive and beautifully decorated. flowers and your smiles... To support flower mood, I invite you to take part in the communication game.


I will read you short instructions - find flower, in question, in clothes or decoration of the hall and touch him.

Make innovation a habit!

Touch the lilac branch

So that we do not remember about laziness!

Touch the white chamomile

So that IDEAS are always in your pocket!

Touch the apple tree colors,

May our summer be warm!

Find tulips as soon as possible,

To make your dreams and plans come true!

Touch the symbol of the kindergarten, so that there is no discord with the parents!

Touch the green leaf - Our team is great!

To innovate with ease!

Senior educator: Continuing the page of history. Later, the place of a nursery gardener and a freelichka was taken by the word teacher. This word has existed in Russian for a long time. It has been noted in dictionaries since 1771.

Educator - what a word!

Light, kindness, warmth are hidden in it.

Who will scold them not evil at all?

Thanks to you, children grow up,

Knowing how to behave and be.

There is no more needed educator in the world!

Let's remember what events took place this academic year

In order to implement the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard and improve the quality of educational activities, methodological support educators was conducted in three directions. The theme of the events was determined taking into account the requests pedagogical team and was associated with the tasks of the annual plan.

The first direction is improving pedagogical skills

In 2017-2018, 4 pedagogical council... Topics are presented on the screen.

1. "The main tasks and areas of work of the preschool educational institution for the new 2017 -2018 academic year"

2. "Innovation activity as a condition for the formation of professional competence educators»

3. "Social and moral education is an important factor in the socialization of children".

4. "The effectiveness of work for the 2017-2018 academic year"

Educators use innovative forms in work with pupils,such as the: health-saving technologies, personality-oriented technologies, information and communication technologies, gaming technologies, technology of project activities, technology of research activities, technology of TRIZ, mnemo technology, 2 teacher (Rokina L. G., Borisova N. V., have personal sites, internet portfolios).

During the academic year, a creative group worked educators which included Mingazova Z.Ya., Shagieva E.M., Barkalova A.R. pedagogical councils, seminars, development of provisions for reviews of competitions and exhibitions.

4 preschool teacher (Drobova N.P., Barkalova A.R., Mingazova Z. Ya., Borisova N.V.) completed refresher courses. 3 educators in the direction "Psychological and pedagogical accompanying young children in the light of the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Education and professional standard teacher"And a senior educator for the program "Management of modern preschool education in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard"... To date, the preschool educational institution has 100% coverage CPC educators.

Educatorstook part in 4 seminars and workshops:

1. "Formation of ideas about healthy lifestyles in children"

2. "Management of innovative activity as a means of improving the quality of education"

3. "Forms and methods in working with children on social and moral education"

4. "Techniques for relieving emotional stress in educators».

5 preschool teachers (Shagieva E.M., Barkalova E.M., Fedorova A.Kh., Rokina L.G., Mingazova Z.Ya.) took part in the work of GMO during the academic year. The result of participation is a certificate of Larisa Grigorievna in the competition of abstracts of theatrical activities and a diploma for the 2nd place in the competition of abstracts of Aigul Radikovna. Rest educators (Sabirova R. Kh., Arsentieva T. D., Drobova N. P., Fedorova A. Kh.) took part in the methodological days held at preschool educational institutions # 17, 32, 20, 2, 16, 29, 37.

Mingazova Z. Ya. Took part in the city competition of professional skills «Educator of the Year 2018».

Shagieva E.M., Barkalova E.M. took part in the open pedagogical council in preschool educational institution number 6 "Ladushki" with protection pedagogical project "Playroom"

Environmental actions organized by DEBTS "Birds of our planet!", "The best connoisseurs of nature", "Live herringbone!"

Participant certificates: Barkalova A.R., Shagieva E.M., Rokina L.G.

Team teachers in 2017-2018... g.took part in 3 city events: "Maslenitsa" - Diploma for 2nd place, "Competition for the best design of the building and territory of the preschool educational institution for the New Year" - certificate for 2nd place, "Competition for the 100th anniversary of the Red Army".

The senior educator has developed a project "Modern educator", which was approved by the IMC methodologists, the purpose of which is to organize methodological support for improving independent work skills self-education teachers... Its implementation period is 2 years.

1. Arsentieva T. D. "The use of the theory of inventive problem solving in working with preschool children."

2. Barkalova A. R. “The development of coherent speech in preschool children (middle and senior gr.)»

3. Drobova N. P. "Development of speech activity of preschoolers with the help of Russian folklore"

4. Mingazova Z. Ya. "ICT in professional activity teacher DOI in the context of the introduction of the Federal State Educational Standard of DO "

5. Sabirova R. Kh. "The development of fine motor skills in preschool children through the technique "Quilling"

6. Shagieva E. M. "Project activities as a means of developing the cognitive activity of children of middle preschool age in the context of the implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard of preschool education"

7. Fedorova A. Kh. "The role of the riddle in the upbringing of a preschooler"

8. Rokina L. G. "Inviting children to a healthy lifestyle"

Educators Shagieva E.M. and Barkalova A.R. passed certification, they were awarded 1 qualification category, Rokina L.G., the highest qualification category.

Today 1 teacher with higher education... category, 6 teachers from 1 quarter... category ,, 1 teacher with SZD, 1 b / category teacher

The second direction is the generalization, dissemination and implementation of best practices in the work of preschool educational institutions

During the academic year, 4 open views of the OOD on social and moral education in children of younger, middle, senior and preparatory groups were planned (Educators Shagieva E.M., Sabirova R.Kh., Barkalova A.R., Drobova N.P. ) Failed to watch the thematic lesson "Earth Day"... The tutors watched the physical development lesson unscheduled from L.G. Rokina.

On the pedagogical councils and seminars were attended by all educators, shared the experience of Rokina L.G., Sabirova R.Kh., Drobova N.P., Barkalova A.R.

11 consultations were held,7 of which educators:

Fedorova A. Kh., Shagieva E. M., Barkalova A. R., Rokina L. G., Mingazova Z. Ya.

The third direction - creating conditions for finding effective methods of working with children - "What will be remembered for the outgoing year"

At the beginning of the academic year, a cyclogram of project activities was compiled educators... Based on it, everyone educator, without fail, had to submit 4 projects.

2. Barkalova A. R. - "Vitamins in a basket", "My land Bashkortostan", "The sun, air and water are our best friends!"

3. Drobova N. P. - "Fall", "Our garden"

4. Mingazova Z. Ya. - "Golden Autumn", "Pets", "Week of health", "Snowflake"

5. Sabirova R. Kh. - "Spring", "Winter", "Golden autumn", "Fall multicolored»

6. Shagieva E. M. - "In the natural world", "Hello summer"

7. Fedorova A. Kh. - "Fall", «Environmental project: laboratory of inanimate nature ", PIP "Green onion friend"

8. Rokina L. G. "Become visible on the road", "My city is my small homeland", "Autumn time", Drinks benefit or harm ", "Feeder", "Olympic Hopes"

Musical director together with educators organized and held festive events

1. Festive event "You can't find a better mom"

2. Thematic holidays "New Year"

3. Festive event "Maslenitsa"

4. Thematic leisure activities dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day

5. Festive events dedicated to March 8

6. Spring fun "Spring meeting"

7. Thematic leisure dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

8. Graduation ball in the preparatory group

9. International Children's Day

Organized exhibitions of children's works:

1. Photo exhibition "Golden autumn"

2. Photo exhibition for Mother's Day "Look into Mom's Eyes"

3. Personal exhibitions of children of the older group

4. Thematic exhibitions on the results of thematic weeks

5. Exhibition of children's works of artistic and productive activities "The road to space"

6. Exhibition of drawings for the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War "Victory Day through the eyes of children".

1. Competition exhibition "Symbol of the Year"

2. View -competition: visual agitation for parents on the formation of the social and moral qualities of the child.

3. Competition of OOD abstracts on topics of self-education educators.

4. Review - competition of group sites "Fill your soul with beauty!"

1. Exhibition of crafts "New Year's fireworks".

2. Exhibition of crafts "Easter lawn"

For parents and with their participation were organized:

1. Exhibitions congratulations to all thematic dates

Participation of city, regional,competitions were accepted by pupils of the preparatory group for school:

1. "Clever men and clever men" - participant certificate,

2. "We are Gagarin-2018" - Nagibin Egor - certificate of the participant, Sadykov Amir - 2nd place at the municipal stage.

3. "Week of children's books" Suleimanov Alexey - participant certificate.

Preschool educational institutions collaborated with social partners

4. "Football lesson" - middle group

Senior educator: Thus, having analyzed the implementation of the annual plan, we can conclude that the academic year was fruitful and successful, the tasks were completed. The work was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard. I propose to check myself and remember the main provisions of the Standard. (Slide 25)


To activate mental activity, I propose to break into pairs. Each couple chooses a card with a picture flower, on the reverse side of which there is a question on the Federal State Educational Standard. To think over the answer - 2 minutes. Then educators take turns answering questions, starting with a phrase "Question from." (name flower on the card).

1. How many educational areas does the GEF provide? a) 4

2. Which of the directions of the development of children according to the Federal State Educational Standard is missing from this list? a) social and communicative development

c) artistic and aesthetic development

3. What educational area does the development of communication and interaction of a child with an adult and peers belong to? a) social and communicative development

b) cognitive development

d) artistic and aesthetic development

4. What educational area does the perception of music, fiction, folklore belong to? a) social and communicative development

b) cognitive development

d) artistic and aesthetic development

5. What does the FSES provide at the stage of completing preschool education? a) the formation of knowledge, abilities, skills in children

b) the formation of integrative personality traits

c) achieving targets for preschool education

d) the formation of the prerequisites for educational activities

e) the formation of universal educational actions

Senior educator: We continue our teachers' council... It's time to let it down results learning by children of the educational program of preschool educational institutions (Monitoring) The floor is given by L. Rokina "The results of monitoring the assimilation of the educational program by children and the degree of readiness of children of the preparatory group for school education"

The senior educator will present a summary analysis of how children learn the educational program. (Slide 26, 27, 28, 29, 30)

After which the senior educator conducts the game


Senior educator: I propose to guess riddles. To do this, they need to find a rhyme.

Who guesses the riddle receives an attribute with an image flower.

The blue of heaven is kept by the baby, blue. Forget-me-not.

Poetry and prose sing flower of Love, sure. Rose flower.

With a bright yellow center in it, a pure white shirt. What the flower?. Chamomile.

Color one with boiled crayfish. Also red, what's the name ?. Poppy.

Look at me, darling Ilyich's flower... Carnation.

The field is like yellow waves. Grows here flower... Sunflower.

This the flower is very delicate, more often it is snow-white. Can be given exclusively to everyone! Big and beautiful bouquet. Chrysanthemum.

This boy is growing in the steppe, and his name is. Tulip.

He is coveted like a prize. Spring flower - beloved... Narcissus

Senior educator: Look how wonderful and beautiful flowers with us... It remains only to collect a beautiful bouquet from them! The poem will tell you how to do this. Educatorswhose I will name the flower,get up and take the appropriate action:

Flirty rose in a bouquet stood,

Forget-me-not breathed her scent.

And it's just that the daffodil is so cute today

He bowed his head to the rose.

Holds the daffodil just by the finger

And a white daisy in the middle

yellow color,

Hugs a rose, decorating the bouquet.

Chrysanthemum, sunflower, carnation and

Stand up nicely. well, something like this!

We've reached the final moment

- Only a ribbon can complement a bouquet!

All other ladies, come out

What a gorgeous bouquet turned out

A beautiful hello to the past year!

Senior educator: It's time to discuss open shows on the topic "What have we learned in a year" in kindergarten groups.


Manager: Dear colleagues, let me present you with certificates for achievements in pedagogicallabor in the following nominations:

“If a person wants - and on the bare top flowers will bloom» (Rokina L.G.)

"Alenky the flower rushes into the peephole» (Fedorova A. Kh.)

"Scarlet the color is sweet to the whole world» (Barkalova A.R.)

“Without you, not flowers bloom, not red oak trees grow " (Sabirova R. Kh.)

"Would be color, and the berries will be " (Drobova N.P.)

Senior educator: Now let's discuss the taskswho stand before us in the next academic year:

1. Raise the level of professional competence educators through innovative forms of methodological work

2. To develop social and communication skills of preschoolers in working conditions

3. Continue interaction with parents to ensure the unity of approaches to the upbringing, education and health promotion of preschoolers.

Senior educator: I propose to get acquainted with the plan of summer health improvement work. I ask you to vote for its adoption.

Manager: I'll tell you about the placement of personnel for the new academic year.

Senior educator: Dear colleagues, I bring up the draft decision teachers' council to vote. (Slide 34)

1. Recognize work pedagogical the team for the 2017-2018 academic year is satisfactory.

2. To recognize work with pupils in all age groups satisfactory

3. To note the high level of open views held by teachers Rokina L... G., Mingazova Z. Ya., Barkalova A.R.

4. To approve the plan of summer health improvement work.

5. To approve the placement of personnel for the academic year.

Watch the video: Flower Extravaganza