Futurist cuisine recipe: Risoverde

Futurist cuisine recipe: Risoverde



(formula of the futurist Pascà D'Angelo)


  • pea cream;
  • pistachio powder;
  • boiled spinach;
  • butter;
  • rice boiled in milk.


After boiling the rice in milk, drain it and add the thick pea cream and butter, stirring over the heat off. Add the pistachio powder to the rice and mix well.

Arrange the boiled spinach on a serving dish and place the previously prepared rice on top. Finally add a little more pistachio powder.


Light meal in order to lighten, spiritualize and dynamize our race.

Art Dinner: July 17 Futurist Night Lunch in Ogliara

In Ogliara, in the province of Salerno, in the enchanting setting of the restaurant "Emozionando ad Ogliara", suspended between sky and sea, awaits you Friday 17 July at 9 pm a new one Art dinner.

The idea of ​​the Art Dinners was born from the intuition of the art historian and journalist Annamaria Parlato, who wanted to spread culture through food and wine excellences of the Campania region and the province of Salerno, mixing art history and gastronomy and creating gods artistic menus original and imaginative.

The owner of Emozionando or lo chef Nando Melileo, known for his skill and for the innovations of his dishes that resemble artistic masterpieces, will reinterpret some works by the futurist artist Umberto Boccioni for the occasion and will be inspired by the treatise "Futurist cuisine"by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Filia of 1931-32, actualizing recipes and ingredients.

In kitchen the futurists loved the experiments, as bored by the traditional methods, which according to them represented stupidity, they went against the tide by juxtaposing foods between them completely at the antipodes, something unthinkable for the time, playing on contrasts bitter-sweet.

Umberto Boccioni was one of the leading representatives of the Futurist movement, of great and versatile ingenuity, with his fervor, the clarity of his ideas and intellectual honesty, he made a first-rate contribution to the renewal of Italian cultural life.

The guests - during the evening - will be as usual stimulated and intrigued by the anecdotes of art and gastronomy that Annamaria Spoken wisely, between one course and another, will exhibit during the dinner-event, explaining in detail works and representatives of the futurist artistic current.

To the diners, through an emotional journey that will involve all the senses, it will seem to merge with the works of Boccioni, perceiving the various shades of shapes and colors, tasting the edible installations by Nando Melileo, composed by ingredients seasonal, based on fish, rice, vegetables and fruit.

The menu Aeropictorico del Futurist Night Lunch it will consist of:

  • Equator plus North Pole (Puff pastry crunchy al raw of shrimp with lukewarm eggnog, air to the citrus fruits and pearls of truffle),
  • Aeropoetic results (Chlorophyll watercolor of snow peas, with cuttlefish noodles in zimino and emulsion of sea urchin al coffee),
  • Tuna Plastic (Trilogy of tuna in three different cooking),
  • To Get Up (Reinterpretation of the classic ricotta cheese and pear).

Ai dishes they will match wine labels Campania and one craft beer on the sweet.

The evening is limited and reservations are required at the number: 089.2854945

The futurist kitchen / futurist form for restaurants and quisibeve

../ the decisive futurist lunches ../ a small dictionary of futurist cuisine Include

Futurist cuisine Filippo Tommaso Marinetti / Fillia 1932 CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL Index: Marinetti - Futurist cuisine, 1932.djvu //it.wikisource.org/w/index.php?title=La_cucina_futurista/formulario_futurista_per_ristoranti_e_quisibeve1&oldid= 2016 en.wikisource.org/w/index.php?title=The_futurist_kitchen/futurist_formulario_for_ristoranti_and_quisibeve&oldid=- 20160303125651

over 80 formulas of futurist cuisine
they are already described in the chapter
the decisive lunches

for restaurants
and quisibeve

the summary dosage of many of these formulas should not worry but rather excite the inventive imagination of futurist chefs whose possible errors can often suggest new dishes

(polybibita of the futurist aeropoet Marinetti)

(polybibita of the futurist aeropoet Marinetti)

1/3 of frozen orange sauce

Simultaneous food
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Marinetti)

Half a chicken jelly set with squares of raw young camel meat. [p. 206edit] rubbed with garlic and smoked and half set with spheres of hare meat overcooked in wine.

To be eaten, sprinkling each bite of camel with a sip of Serino water and each bite of hare with a sip of Scira (Turkish wine, made of must, without alcohol).

Parolibera marine table
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Marinetti)

Above a sea of ​​ricciutella salad, scattered here and there with fragments of ricotta, a half water melon sails with a commander carved in Dutch cheese on board who directs a limp crew sketched in the brains of veal cooked in milk. A few centimeters from the bow, a rock of Panforte di Siena. Sprinkle the vessel and the sea with cinnamon or red pepper.

Between two
(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

Two rectangular slices of bread: one spread with anchovy paste, the other with chopped apple peel paste. Between the two slices of bread: cooked salami. [p. 207edit]

(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

Boiled white rice arranged as follows: one part in the center of the plate in the shape of a hemisphere - another part around the hemisphere, in the shape of a crown. When serving, pour a hot white wine sauce tied with starch on the hemisphere and a sauce of hot beer, egg yolk and Parmesan cheese on the crown.

Sea of ​​Italy
(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

A base formed by geometric strips of fresh tomato sauce and pureed spinach is placed on a rectangular plate in order to create a precise green and red decoration. On this green and red sea there are complexes made up of small boiled fish cutlets, banana slices, a cherry and a fragment of dried fig. Each of these complexes is made organic by a toothpick that holds the different elements vertically.

(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

The "Carneplastic" (synthetic interpretation of the vegetable gardens, gardens and pastures of Italy) is [p. 208mdit] composed of a large cylindrical meatball (A) of roasted veal stuffed with eleven different qualities of cooked vegetables. This cylinder

placed vertically in the center of the plate, it is crowned with a thickness of honey (C) and supported at the base by a sausage ring (B), which rests on three golden spheres (D) of chicken meat.

Aircraft food
(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

It is served on the right side of those who eat a plate containing black olives, fennel hearts and chinotti. A rectangle formed by [p. 209edit] sandpaper, silk and velvet. Food must be brought directly to the mouth with the right hand, while the left hand lightly and repeatedly touches the tactile rectangle. Meanwhile, the waiters sprinkle a perfume of carnation on the nape of the diners while a violent noise of an airplane engine comes from the kitchen at the same time as a dismusica by Bach.

Excited pig
(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

A raw salami, skinned, is served straight on a plate containing very hot espresso mixed with plenty of cologne.

Food alphabet
(formula of the futurist aeropainter Fillìa)

All the letters of the alphabet are cut out (with great thickness so as to make them stay straight [p. 210modifica]) in the Mortadella di Bologna, in the cheese, in the shortcrust pastry and in the burnt sugar: two are served per diner, according to the initials of the its names that will thus decide the coupling of the different foods.

Sicilian promontory
(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

Tuna, apples, olives and Japanese peanuts are minced together. The resulting pasta is spread over a cold omelette of eggs and jam.

Immortal trout
(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

Stuff some trout with chopped walnuts and fry them in olive oil. Wrap the trout in very thin slices of veal liver.

Hunting in paradise
(formula of the aero futurist painter Fillìa)

Slowly cook a hare in sparkling wine where some cocoa powder is diluted, until consumed. Then keep it infused for a minute in a lot of lemon juice. Serve it in an abundant green sauce based on spinach and juniper, dotted with silver bonbons reminiscent of hunters' balls. [p. 211edit]

Devil in black toned
(polybibita of the futurist aeropainter Fillìa)

Dip the yolk of a hard-boiled egg.

(formula of the futurist painter Fillìa)

A sphere of shortcrust pastry is filled with red zabaglione in which a strip (3 cm.) Of licorice in ribbon is immersed.

Close the top of the sphere with half a dried plum.

The great waters
(polybibet of the futurist airport painter Prampolini)

Above the liquid floats a block of anchovy paste wrapped pharmaceutically in a host.

Alcohol carousel
(multiplied by the futurist airport painter Prampolini)

A square of cheese and a square of chocolate are immersed in the liquid, stuck on a toothpick.

Gustatory preface
(formula of the futurist painter Prampolini)

A butter cylinder that supports a green olive at the top. At the base of the cylinder: salami, dried grapes, pickles and sugared almonds.

Equator + North Pole
(formula of the futurist painter Prampolini)

An equatorial sea of ​​red egg yolks with oyster, pepper and lemon salt. In the center emerges a cone of whipped and solidified egg white, full of orange wedges like juicy sections of the sun. The top of the cone will be studded with pieces of black truffle cut in the shape of black airplanes to conquer the zenith. [p. 213edit]

Tasty discs
(formula of the futurist airport painter Prampolini)

Varied fruit cake resting on top of a chocolate disc. The cake is covered with two layers of mush that cuts it in half: the first made of tomato sauce and the second of spinach.

Spring paradox
(formula of the futurist airport painter Prampolini)

A large cylinder of cream ice cream that carries peeled bananas like palm vegetation. Among the bananas are hidden hard-boiled eggs without yolk, filled with plum jam.

Rice of Herodias
(formula of the futurist Dr. Sirocofran)

To exalt and blend the utmost virginal purity with the utmost lust of perfume, and thus honor the glorious name of Mallarmé, who sang the virgin Herodias in a green marshy landscape sprinkled with very sensual blue irises, take some rice and cook it in a lot of milk. salty conveniently. Drain it and sprinkle it with very fine iris rhizome powder. [p. 214edit]

Captive perfumes
(formula of the futurist Dr. Sirocofran)

A drop of perfume is introduced into thin, colorful blisters. They swell and heat up slightly in order to vaporize the perfume and make the envelope turgid.

They are brought to the table at the same time as coffee, in small hot plates, ensuring that the aromas are varied. The lit cigarette approaches the blisters and inhales the scent that comes out of it.

Dates in the moonlight
(formula of the futurist Dr. Sirocofran)

35-40 very ripe and sugary dates, 500 grams of Roman ricotta. The dates are deprived of the stone and pulped well (even better if they are passed through a sieve). The pulp thus obtained is incorporated into the ricotta until a very homogeneous pulp is obtained. Serve cold, after keeping the dish in the icebox for a few hours.

Dazzling appetizer
(formula of the futurist poet Luciano Folgore)

Mind that if you sleep you can't make an incomparable appetizer who sleeps, as is well known, does not catch fish [p. 215modifica] while in our case it is essential to be so awake, indeed thin, to take even fish in barrels in order to have (paying for them salted) two herring in milk and not smoked.

Having them, clean them to perfection, then remove the milk that you will place to await the events in a saucer, then you will put the herring to soak in pure water for four or five hours and when lost they will have the salting spread them on the cutting board that awaits them with a some onion and a hard-boiled egg, then with the swaying of the lunetta chop everything very fine and make sure that the dough is soft and perfect and at the end pour the oil and vinegar as you like.

Once this is done, take the milk again (herring milk, of course!) To undo it in the oil to which a few drops of vinegar is added and finally spread that tender and spicy milk over the herring that you have already minced and the fine and tantalizing appetizer every human appetite will wake up.

It is said that a king of Patagonia for such food gave up his kingdom. This story is certainly a nonsense but the goodness of the dish that I teach you [p. 216modification] so true and good for the appetite that Dante seems to be in the Vita Nova wrote for her after Banquet: "Whoever does not try it cannot understand it."

Futurist risotto with alchechingio
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Paolo Buzzi)

Prepare a kilogram of alkychee worlds into small pieces of their thin sheath. Carefully collect the resulting juice separately.

Prepare - separately - an abundant parsley pesto with garlic and onion in a minimum dose.

Put abundant oil in a saucepan.

Once it is cooked, remove it from the heat and drop in the chopped alchechingi (keeping the juice separately) and the parsley pesto.

Put it back on the heat: and as soon as everything is browned (that the onion is not toasty) add the rice for six people, stirring constantly until it becomes golden in color. At this point, add, in ladles, some broth suitably salted and to which the juice of the alchechingi will be infused.

After twenty minutes of cooking, remove everything from the heat well whipping the risotto and adding plenty of cheese.

This risotto is futuristic because the alchechingio is almost a fruit out of picture: sure, much more [p. 217modifica] of saffron, which - moreover - is hardly found in nature anymore.

IS synthetic because the eight grains enclosed in the rough bulb are like the "Marinettians" eight souls in a bomb because the alchechingio is winged with wings of good fabric like the airplane, wings that are thrown away: and then they resemble a parachute and it is very fast digestible like everything that belongs to the Futurist forge (I meant kitchen).

Rice arancine
(formula of the futurist word Arm. Mazza)

Prepare a good saffron or tomato risotto, taking care not to remove it from the heat al dente, but rather cooked, and let it cool. (It must not be al dente in order for the rice grains to adhere to each other). Make lots of bullets of the average size of an orange, wetting your hands with water or, better, olive oil, and drill a hole in each of them with your thumb, widening it without breaking the walls, and fill it with meat with meat sauce coarsely chopped and moist with its sauce. Add cubes of cheese (fontina or mozzarella, or caciocavallo, or fresh provolone), salami or raw ham into small pieces, pignoli and raisins. Cover with more risotto and roll up again. So ready, wrap the arancini in white flour [p. 218edit], then in the beaten egg and finally in the breadcrumbs. Fry them in abundant olive oil until they become blond-golden and serve hot, crunchy.

Like a cloud
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Giulio Onesti).

A large mass of whipped cream darted with orange sauce, mint, strawberry jam and delicately sprinkled with Asti sparkling wine.

Steel chicken
(formula of the aero futurist painter Diulgheroff)

A chicken is roasted, emptied of its internal contents. As soon as it is cold, an opening is made on the back and the interior is filled with red zabaglione on which two hectograms of silver spherical sugared almonds are arranged. Chicken crests rise all around the opening of the back.

Words in freedom
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Escodamè)

Three sea dates, a red watermelon crescent, a radicchio salad, a small cube of Parmesan, a small ball of gorgonzola, 8 balls of caviar, 2 figs, 5 amaretti [p. 219medifica] by Saronno: all arranged neatly on a large bed of muzzarella, to be eaten, eyes closed, grasping here and there with the hands while the great painter and free word Depero recites his famous song "Jacopson".

Gulf of Trieste
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Bruno Sanzin)

Cook one kilogram of unshelled clams in an onion and garlic sauce, slowly adding the rice. Present this risotto with a side of sugar-free vanilla cream.

Drunk calf
(formula of the futurist aeropoet Bruno Sanzin)

Stuff raw veal with peeled apples, nuts, pickles, cloves.

Bake. Serve cold in a Asti spumante or passito di Lipari bath.

Simultaneous ice cream
(formula of the futurist free word poet Giuseppe Steiner)

Milk cream and raw onion squares frozen together. [p. 220edit]

(formula of the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin)

Skip meat
(formula of the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

1 part liqueur made with the following plants: [p. 221edit] coca, cola, damiana, muira puama, ioimbe, ginseng, ecbinacea.

(polybibet of the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin)

1 part pineapple liqueur.

1 part thyme or wildflower liqueur.

Alpine love
(multiplied by the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

(multiplied by the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

(multiplied by the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

Man, woman, midnight
(formula of the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

On a round plate pour some red zabaglione to form a large spot.

In the middle of this there is a nice onion disc with a hole and crossed by a stem of angelica [p. 223edit] candied. Two candied chestnuts are then arranged as indicated in the drawing and 1 dish is served for each couple.

(formula of the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

Cover the bottom of a round plate of fondue lightly scented with grappa. On a radius of the plate are arranged equidistant from each other and like a cone 3 half red peppers cooked in the oven and stuffed with a vegetable paste composed of asparagus tips, celery and fennel hearts, onions, capers, artichokes, olives. From [p. 224edit] on the opposite side arrange 3 stalks of boiled leeks. An arabesque of grated truffle that starts from the 2nd pepper and ends at the one towards the outside, completes the dish.

(formula of the futurist art critic P. A. Saladin).

1) diced celery of Verona fried and sprinkled with paprika

2) fried carrot cubes sprinkled with grated horseradish

4) Ivrea onions in vinegar sprinkled with chopped parsley

N.B. The cubes must not exceed 1 cm³ [p. 225edit]

Black and white
(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

Individual exhibition on the inner walls of the Arabian Stomach with whipped cream sprinkled with lime charcoal. Against the blackest indigestion. Pros whiter teeth.

and Veronese green
(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

Candied cedars, stuffed with fried and chopped cuttlefish. Chew them well as if they were anti-futurist critics.

Strawberry Honey
(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

A pink plate, with two erectile female breasts made of Campari pink ricotta and candied strawberry nipples. More fresh strawberries under a ricotta cover to bite into an ideal multiplication of imaginary breasts. [p. 226edit]

Carnations on the spit
(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

Long slender cylinders of puff pastry. Place four carnations on each one: white, pink, red, purple, browned in cold rosolio or in the Roob Coccola from Zara. When eating them, think of the floral style.

Carrot + calzoni = professor
(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

A raw carrot standing upright, with the thin side down, where two aubergines allesse in the guise of marching purple trousers will be applied using a toothpick. To the carrot, leave the green leaves on the head, representing the hope of retirement. Mandibulate everything without ceremony!

(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

Roasted barley coffee, sweetened with manna. Serve it very hot so that the diners can cool it by whistling the most freezing jokes inside each one. [p. 227edit]

Senate of digestion
(formula of the futurist Farfa Poet-National Record).

Four diners will each order two known digestive foods or drinks. Or eight diners, one each. The other guests will secretly vote against one or the other. The winner will be the one with the fewest votes against.

Libyan airplane
(formula of the pilot-aviator, poet and futurist airplane painter Fedele Azari).

Candied chestnuts dipped for 2 minutes in cologne and then for 3 minutes in milk, then served over a mash (chiseled in the shape of a slender airplane) of bananas, apples, dates and peas.

Lattices of the sky
(formula of the futurist sculptor Mino Rosso)

The base is a cherry candy disc. The big cylinder: Three sheets of puff pastry stuffed with tamarind pulp and covered with chocolate fondants. The small cylinder: Overlapping meringue crowns covered with tangerine fondants. [p. 228edit] The center of the top cylinder contains whipped cream with tamarind pulp and peeled pistachios.

The wing is tangerine candy.

Shortly before being presented at the table, the dessert must be covered with green sugar threads. [p. 229edit]

Intuitive appetizer
(formula Mrs. Colombo-Fillìa).

An orange in the shape of a small basket is emptied into which different qualities of salami, butter, pickled mushrooms, anchovies and green chillies are arranged. The basket smells the different elements of orange.

Inside the chillies are hidden some tickets with a futurist or surprising propaganda phrase (for example: "Futurism is an anti-historical movement" - "Live dangerously" - "Doctors, pharmacists and gravediggers, with Futurist cuisine they will remain unemployed", etc. .).

Milk in the green light
(formula of Miss Germana Colombo).

A few teaspoons of honey, many black grapes and some red radishes are immersed in a large bowl of cold milk. Eat while a green light illuminates the bowl. Simultaneously drink a poly drink made of mineral water, beer and blackberry juice.

Futurist pheasant
(formula of the aeropoet Dr. Pino Masnata).

Roast a well emptied pheasant, then keep it for an hour a water bath in the Muscat of Syracuse. Then an hour in milk. Fill it with Cremona mustard and candied fruits. [p. 230edit]

Spicy airport
(formula of the futurist painter Caviglioni).

A plate of Russian salad with mayonnaise covered with greenery. All around varied medallions made up of sandwiches stuffed with orange, egg white and mixed fruit. With butter colored in red and anchovies or sardines form airplanes silhouettes in the green field.

(orange rice)
(formula of the futurist painter Caviglioni).

White risotto with luminous sauce: the sauce consists of veal bone sauce braised in Marsala and a little rum, orange peel cut into thin strips, boiled with the smell of vinegar. Add orange juice. Perfume with "national sauce", which can be found on the market.

Veal fuselage
(formula of the futurist painter Caviglioni).

Slices of veal attached to the mountain fuselage composed of cooked chestnuts, spring onions and luganighe. All sprinkled with chocolate powder. [p. 231edit]

Cosmic appearances
(formula of the futurist painter Caviglioni).

Fennel, beets, turnips, yellow carrots over a spinach pie. Add sugar angel hair.

The boiled and buttered legumes cut in the shape of stars, moons, etc.

Digestive landing
(formula of the futurist painter Caviglioni).

With mash of chestnuts boiled in sugared water and vanilla pods form mountains and plains.

Above, with blue cream ice cream, form layers of atmosphere furrowed by shortcrust pastry planes inclined towards the plane.

Italian udders in the sun
(formula of the aero futurist painter Marisa Mori)

Two half spheres are formed filled with candied almond paste. In the center of each one rests a fresh strawberry. Then the zabaglione and areas of whipped cream are poured into the tray.

You can sprinkle it all with strong pepper and garnish with red chillies. [p. 232edit]

(with coral garnish)
(formula of the futurist aeroceramist Tullio d’Albisola, Poet-Record of Turin).

Take a bunch of freshly caught sea lettuce, warning that the fishing did not take place in the vicinity of drains or sewers because this lettuce easily assimilates bad smells, wash and rinse in plenty of running water. Clean it is dragged into the lemon sauce. Dust the leaf with sugar and foam with a wave of whipped cream.

The coral garnish will be obtained with a bunch of spicy red peppers, wedges of sea urchins caught at full moon, and a constellation of ripe pomegranate grains.

Everything, designed and with artful arabesque, will be served on the table as soon as it is ready, fresh, on a flat round plate, with waved broth and covered with a sheet of blue cellophane.

Marinetti bomb
(formula of the futurist cook Alicata).

Lay an orange jelly bomb mold by decorating the part of the dome with [p. 233edit] small strawberries. Decorate the sides with white angelica in the shape of a crown and the back with candied chestnuts. Cover the decoration with a layer of gelatin, leaving it to harden.

Cover the void with ladyfingers giving the square shape, filling the void with a vanilla Bavarian cream. Freeze, unmold and serve with a garnish of apricot halves with jelly, orange wedges and candied lemons.

Wake up stomach
(formula of the futurist airport painter Ciuffo).

A slice of pineapple on which a ray of sardine is placed. The center of the pineapple is covered with a thickness of tuna on which half a walnut rests.

(formula Mrs. Barosi).

Traidue made up of two slices of buttered bread, spread inside with mustard, which compress bananas and anchovies. [p. 234edit]

Burn in the mouth
(polybibita of the futurist Ing Barosi).

At the bottom of the glass: whiskey with marene in spirit, previously dipped in cayenne pepper.

Above: buttermilk or honey (1 cm thick) as a waterproof division.

On honey: alkermes, vermouth and strega.

A straight
(polybibita of the futurist Ing Barosi).

A hollow cylinder of ice covered on the outside with honey. Inside and at the bottom: cream ice cream, then Chivasso peanuts, pieces of pineapple, all soaked in vermouth and glacial mint.

(polybibita of the futurist Ing Barosi).

On an aluminum plate, equidistant: a pile of toasted almonds, banana slices [p. 235edit], anchovies, roasted coffee, tomato slices, parmesan cheese slices. In the center of the plate, a glass containing: vermouth, cognac, witch. Inside: banana slices.

The regenerator
(formula of the futurist Ing Barosi).

Half a glass of Asti sparkling wine.

Three teaspoons of sugar.

All beaten for 10 minutes. Presented in a glass with a peeled and protruding banana inside.

The Littorio
(formula of the futurist Ing Barosi).

Several stalks of thistles or celery 10 cm long, previously cooked in water, arranged straight to form an empty cylinder. Set: underneath by a hemisphere of white risotto and above by a half lemon. The inside of the cylinder filled with minced meat, oil, pepper and salt. On the rice hemisphere, distributed in stars: a cucumber, a piece of banana, a piece of beetroot. [p. 236edit]

(polybibita of the futurist Dr. Vemazza).

4/8 Vernaccia wine 3/8 vermouth 1/8 brandy.

Unripe date stuffed with mascarpone mixed with Aurum liqueur (Pescara). The date thus packaged is wrapped in thin slices of raw ham and then in lettuce leaf. All stuffed into a toothpick on which a small pickled red chilli pepper stuffed with chopped Parmesan cheese will also be inserted.

(If you put the toothpick in the glass, the greasy eyes deposited by the ham will appear on the liquid: in this case the polybibita may be entitled "that pig that makes a wink").

Trinacria risotto
(formula of the futurist Dr. Vemazza).

Rice cooked normally. Sauce prepared with fried a little onion and butter, to which will be added: tuna belly in small pieces and tomato in a minimum quantity. Season the risotto, add and mix a few green olives and garnish with well-cleaned wedges of mandarins. [p. 237edit]

(formula of the futurist Dr. Vemazza).

Veal cutlets cooked in butter and cut in the shape of a racket frame: when serving, spread them with a thin layer of pasta (made of mascarpone cheese mixed with chopped walnuts), on which some lines are drawn with tomato sauce mixed with rum. To form the handle of the racket, an anchovy with a strip of banana on top.

Then perfect spherical balls made from cherries in spirit (without stem) wrapped with ricotta paste, eggs, cheese and nutmeg. Quick cooking to keep the spirit strong.

Squad mouthful
(formula of the futurist Dr. Vernazza).

Fish cutlets between two large discs of ranetta apple: all sprinkled with rum and inflamed when serving. [p. 238edit]

Atlantic airborne food
(formula del futurista Dott. Vernazza).

Poltiglia di legumi (lenticchie, piselli, spinaci, ecc.) di color verde chiaro. Sopra disporre (uno per commensale) degli aeroplani formati da: sfogliatine a forma triangolare (ali) — carota tagliata per lungo (fusoliera) — creste di gallo cotte al burro (timone) — chinotti tagliati a disco e messi diritti (elica).

Sciatore mangiabile
(formula del futurista Dott. Vernazza).

Zabaione duro gelato in una fondina. Sopra: uno strato di panna montata. Tra lo zabaione e la panna, fette di arancio imbevute di maraschino Zara.

Sulla superficie bianca disporre lunghe fette di banana con al centro mezzo dattero ripieno di liquore Aurum impastato con mandorle dolci e amare tritate. Ai due lati di questa composizione che ricorda gli sci: dischi di frutti canditi con infilato al centro un grissino dolce.

Rose diaboliche
(formula del futurista Pascà d’Angelo).

Spremuta di 1/2 limone fresco.

Olio di olive un cucchiaio. [p. 239modifica ] Mescolate bene i detti ingredienti e formate così una pastella non molto densa gettateci dentro delle rose rosse vellutate spampanate, dopo aver tolto il gambo all’altezza del calice, e friggetele in olio bollente come si usa fare per i carciofi alla giudea. Servitele a tavola caldissime.

(Indicatissime per sposini, mangiate a mezzanotte in gennaio, specialmente se vengono coperte dal dolce Mafarka. — Vedi formula seguente).

Dolce Mafarka
(formula del futurista Pascà d’Angelo).

Acqua di fior d’arancio gr. 50.

Cuocete nel latte il caffè e zuccheratelo a vostro piacimento, dopo versate il riso e cuocetelo molto asciutto e al dente. Levatelo dal fuoco e, quando è freddo, grattate dentro la buccia di limone e spargete, mescolando bene, l’acqua di fior d’arancio versatelo così in una forma, e mettete in ghiaccio. Quando è ben diaccio servitelo con biscotti freschi.

Buon appetito, evviva l’acciaio! [p. 240modifica ]

Bombardamento di Adrianopoli
(formula del futurista Pascà d’Angelo).

Mozzarella di Bufola gr. 100.

Mettete a cuocere abbastanza sodo il riso nel latte, e circa a mezza cottura aggiungete il burro e il sale sufficente. Dopo che il riso sia stato levato dal fuoco mescolate subito un uovo incorporandolo bene. Quando il detto preparato sarà ben freddo dividetelo in dieci parti, ed in ognuna di queste incorporerete una fetta di mozzarella, mezza acciuga, tre o quattro capperi, due o tre olive, senza il nocciolo, e un pizzico abbondante di pepe nero. Ad ogni parte, così preparata, darete la forma di una sfera, bagnatela nell’altro uovo che avete già frullato, e dopo involtatela nel pangrattato e friggete.

Balzo d’ascaro
(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santo palato).

Cuocere una coscia di montone con lauro, pepe, rosmarino e aglio. [p. 241modifica ] Cotta la coscia, colarla, e aggiungere alla carne datteri farciti con pistacchi salati, vino bianco secco e succo di limone.

(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Sopra una larga fetta di prosciutto mettere salame crudo, cetrioli, olive, tonno, funghi sottaceto, carciofini. Unire le due estremità del prosciutto e tenerlo chiuso con filetti di acciughe, fetta di ananas e burro.

Zuppa zoologica
(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Pasta a forma di animali composta di farina di riso e uova, imbottita di marmellata e servita in un brodo caldo alla rosa rialzato da gocce di acqua di Colonia italiana.

(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Sopra una crema di piselli disporre una cotoletta di sanato cotta al burro. Versare sulla cotoletta [p. 242modifica ] della salsa di pomodoro e aggiungere un anello di mela, una fetta di prosciutto e un frutto candito.

(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Su di un fondo di spinaci versare del riso bianco bollito e condito con burro e ricoperto da una densa crema di piselli e polvere di pistacchi.

Uova divorziate
(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Dividere a metà delle uova sode estraendone intatti i rossi. Disporre i rossi sopra una poltiglia di patate e i bianchi sopra una poltiglia di carote.

(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Piccole rape novelle bollite per 10 minuti con lauro, cipolle e rosmarino. Spaccarle poi a portafoglio e farcirle con acciughe intrise nell’uovo e nel rhum. Passare le rape farcite nel tuorlo d’uovo e nel pane pesto e cuocerle al forno. [p. 243modifica ]

Bocca di fuoco
(formula del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Mescolare al midollo di ossibuchi rosolati al burro del pane trito, delle noci e una bacca di Ginepro. Rimettere al fuoco con mezzo bicchiere di succo di prugne, facendo cuocere fino a consumazione. Poi si aggiungono sei prugne disossate e farcite con mandorle. Rimettere ancora al fuoco con una tazza di vino bianco secco e succo di limone.

(polibibita del futurista Giachino, proprietario del Santopalato).

Dosi diverse di aranciata, liquore Campari e anice con essenza di Rose Bianche.

Banana a sorpresa
(formula del futurista Piccinelli, cuoco del Santopalato).

Praticare un foro per tutta la lunghezza di una banana sbucciata e riempirlo con carne tritata di pollo.

Mettere al fuoco in un tegame imburrato e aggiungere a poco a poco del sugo di carne.

Servire con dei legumi. [p. 244modifica ]

Ricetta cucina futurista: Risoverde

La storia e ricetta dell’Insalata Caprese

Rosso pomodoro, verde basilico e bianco mozzarella di bufala:con l’insalata Caprese Il tricolore è servito!

Insalata Caprese, tra mito e leggenda

Come spesso accade per tutti i piatti tipici Italiani, anche le origini dell’insalata Caprese sono avvolte nel dubbio. Quel che è certo è la provenienza, ovvero quell’angolo di paradiso che è l’Isola di Capri.

Una delle storie legate alla nascita di questo piatto semplice e gustoso la colloca in un cantiere dove un muratore, particolarmente patriottico, farciva i suoi panini in pausa pranzo con pomodori, mozzarella e basilico per richiamare i colori della bandiera d’Italia. Di tutto altro contesto invece è la teoria secondo la quale il piatto sarebbe nato nel lussuoso hotel di Capri “Quisisana”, come omaggio a Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

La Caprese come simbolo del Futurismo

Marinetti aveva scritto il “Manifesto della cucina futurista”, nel quale aveva fortemente criticato i piatti di pasta. Troppo pesanti a suo dire, e che causavano “fiacchezza, pessimismo ed inattività nostalgica” in chi li mangiava. Negli anni ’20, durante un suo soggiorno a Capri, comparve per la prima volta sul menù del famoso Hotel il piatto “Caprese”, un gustoso primo piatto carb-free, proprio come piaceva al Marinetti.

La preparazione della Caprese

Ciò che rende la Caprese un piatto veramente speciale è la sua assoluta facilità di preparazione, a fronte di un risultato straordinario.

  • 800 grammi di Pomodori di Sorrento (Cuore di bue)
  • 800 grammi di Mozzarella di Bufala Mandara
  • Basilico fresco q.b.
  • Olio extravergine d’Oliva
  • Sale q.b.

Lavate i pomodori e privateli del peduncolo verde, sciacquate il basilico e mettetelo da parte.

Affettate sia i pomodori che la Mozzarella di bufala Mandara dal lato della lunghezza.

Distribuite le fette di pomodoro e mozzarella ordinatamente in un piatto, alternandole. Versate in un contenitore l’olio di oliva ed un pizzico di sale, mescolate e versate il condimento ottenuto sui due ingredienti principali. Poco prima di servire, decorate il piatto con qualche foglia di basilico. Servite la caprese a temperatura ambiente, e ricordatevi di aggiungere il basilico poco prima di servire, in quanto tende ad appassire ed annerire rapidamente.

Nulla vieta di aggiungere altri ingredienti, come origano ed un pizzico di pepe, ma se si usano dei buoni pomodori e la mozzarella Mandara non ce ne sarà bisogno!

Gastrosofia la polpetta futurista

Al punto 8 della lista del primo pranzo futurista che si tenne alla Taverna Santopalato a Torino la sera dell'8 marzo 1931, "dopo una febbrile giornata di intenso lavoro nella cucina, dove i futuristi Fillìa e Saladin gareggiavano con i cuochi del Ristorante", figura il Cameplastico (formula Fillìa). Filippo Tommaso Marinetti aveva scosso dalle fondamenta l'universo intero della cultura, della letteratura e delle arti italiane. Dal Manifesto di fondazione (1909) alla sua morte (1944), indefessamente e allegramente, rinnovò ogni orizzonte possibile: abiti, teatro, musica, architettura, scenografia. Il Manifesto della cucina futurista venne pubblicato per la prima volta il 28 dicembre 1930 sul quotidiano torinese "La Gazzetta del Popolo". Il Manifesto della cucina futurista ha lo stesso tono, divertito ma serissimo, di tutti gli altri proclami che l'inventore della comunicazione moderna inviava in decine e decine di copie alle redazioni dei giornali e ai fedelissimi:

"Nasce con noi futuristi la prima cucina umana, cioè l'arte di alimentarsi. Come tutte le arti, essa esclude il plagio ed esige l'originalità creativa. Non a caso questa opera viene pubblicata nella crisi economica mondiale di cui appare imprecisabile lo sviluppo, ma precisabile il pericoloso pànico deprimente. A questo pànico noi opponiamo una cucina futurista, cioè: l'ottimismo a tavola".

Il Carneplastico

La ricetta - formula - del Carneplastico è relativamente semplice: "È composto di una grande polpetta cilindrica di carne di vitello arrostita ripiena di qualità diverse di verdure cotte. Questo cilindro disposto verticalmente nel centro del piatto, è coronato da uno spessore di miele e sostenuto alla base da un anello di salsiccia che poggia su tre sfere dorate di carne di pollo".

Una variante del Carneplastico, invenzione, come si è visto, di uno dei più lirici interpreti dell'estetica futurista - Luigi Colombo, in arte Fillìa, pittore e poeta - fu servita durante il celebre aerobanchetto di Bologna, che seguì l'inaugurazione della Mostra di aeropittura, il 12 dicembre 1931. Si trattava di un "Carneplastico con fusoliera di vitello", "indiscutibile successo"che giungeva, testimoniò il cronista de Il Resto del Carlino, tra "un bicchiere di carburante nazionale e un nostalgico accenno, ma sottovoce ai tortellini asciutti. Il Carneplastico è una grande polpetta verticale, che trova nelle undici verdure un'interpretazione sintetica degli orti, dei giardini, e dei pascoli d'Italia.

Questo era un cibo secolare e popolare, che consentiva di riproporre gli "avanzi", soprattutto del lesso. Diventava con i futuristi un oggetto dinamico e plastico, una forma nuova che, tra realtà e ironia, trasformava il passato in futuro.

Video: Art Cooking: Futurist Meat Sculpture. The Art Assignment. PBS Digital Studios